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Pride is the Gateway to Lucifer’s Kingdom: Pride of the New Age Leaders Exposed


Pride is the Gateway to Lucifer’s Kingdom: Pride of the New Age Leaders Exposed

Many of the New Age leaders confession openly that the writing do not come from them but claim they come from the “Source” “God” “Jesus” “Christ” and many other names.

I have seen a pattern in New Age Occult authors. Most express that at the time they were given the data through channeling, auto writing or an inner voice they were either at the end of their rope, angry, upset, mad at God, living an extremely immoral life, and full of hate and in many case all the above.
“A Course in Miracles” part of the “New Spirituality” often referred to as the New Age Bible.
Dr. Helen Schucman the author of “A Course in Miracles” was a Psychologist, educator and atheist. She was a professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City.
Dr. Schucman describes the time she was given this information: “The Head of my department unexpectedly announced that he was tired of the angry and aggressive feeling our attitudes reflected, and concluded hat “there must be another way.”

Preface of the book states that both of the two principle players in the writing of “A Course In Miracles” Helen Schucman and William Therford “…were anything but spiritual. Their relationship with each other was difficult and often strained, and they were concerned with personal and professional acceptance and status. In general, they had considerable investment in the values of the world. Their lives were hardly in accord with anything that the course advocates.”

This to me explains why they were easy to be used by Lucifer for his agenda.
In Helen Schucman personal account she describes the experience in writing “A Course in Miracles” as follows:
“ Three startling months preceded the actual writing, during which time Bill suggested that I write down the highly symbolic dreams and descriptions of the strange images that were coming to me. Although I had grown more accustomed to the unexpected by that time, I was till very surprise when I wrote. “This is a course in miracles.” That was my introduction to the Voice. It made no sound, but seemed to be giving me a kind of rapid, inner dictation which I took down in a shorthand notebook. The writing was never automatic. It could be interrupted at any time and later picked up again. It made me very uncomfortable, but it never seriously occurred to me to stop. It seemed to be a special assignment that I somehow, somewhere agreed to complete. …”

The book took seven years of the scribing of an inner voice by a Mrs. Helen Schucman. The spirit that channeled this "new gospel" to Mrs. Schucman claimed to be Jesus Christ. The complete works of “A Course in Miracles” consist of three books: Text, Workbook for Students, and Manual for Teachers.
Material for “A Course in Miracles” was initially transcribed then edited to publish by Dr. Schucman and the assistance of Dr.William Thetford and Dr. Kenneth Wapnick.
She also scribed poetry in the same manner that was later published as “The Gifts of God”
The only biography of Helen Schucman that I have found is the book “Absence from Felicity”: The Story of Helen Schucman and Her Scribing of “A Course in Miracles’“. It was written by Kenneth Wapnick, a close friend and her heir. After Schucman's death, Wapnick founded the Foundation for Inner Peace. This organization that holds the copyright to A Course in Miracles.

Marianne Williamson New Age Leader:

Marianne Williamson reared in a Jewish family she gave up on the idea of a God. She wrote to God a Dear John letter. As she got older she was part of the 60’s movement, into drugs, sex and was totally lost when she ran into “A Course in Miracles” on a shelf. This gave her a new perspective on life. After becoming Enlightened she wrote her Best Sellers list book Return to Love: A Reflection on A Course in Miracles.

Neale Donald Walsh Conversations With God:

Neale Donald Walsh expresses his feelings at the time he wrote his first book. He had a pattern of writing mostly unsent letter to persons he felt victimized by expressing his feelings. He then decided to write “God”. He says in his book “Conversations with God 1” “…I thought I’d go straight to the source; straight to the greatest victimizer of them all. I decided to write a letter to God. “It was a spiteful, passionate letter, full of confusions, contortions, and condemnations. And a pile of angry questions”
“To my surprise, as I scribbled out the last of my bitter, unanswerable questions and prepared to toss my pen aside, my hand remained poised over the paper, as if held there by some invisible force. Abruptly, the pen began moving on its own. I had no idea what I was about to write, but an idea seemed to be coming, so I decided to flow with it, out came…

Do you really want an answer to all these questions, or are just venting?

I blinked…and then my mind came up with a reply. I wrote that down, too. Both. I’m venting, sure, but if these questions have answers, I’d sure as hell like to hear them!

You are “sure as hell”…about al lot of things. But wouldn’t it be nice to be “sure as Heaven?”

Before I knew it, I had begun a conversation…and I was not writing so much as taking dictation.”

That is the beginning of Conversations with God series and additional books which have followed, all over them world been printed over 35 languages and selling in a multi-millions all written through auto-writing.

No one that reads their works and promotes them seems to be concerned with where the information comes from. Or the mind set of the author at the time. Why should we trust someone that was mad and God and starts writing words from God meant for Us….

It is like buying a book “How to Love a Woman the Right Way” from a lifetime wife beater. Everyone would make a deal out of that or a book called “How to be a true black Man” written by white man. It would never be accepted. Why do so many accept these writings? Because they have itching ears and the author are writing the enticing words of Satan. They don’t want to live a moral life with rules and have a “God” judge them, so when they hear a teaching that says the only rule is to consider yourself “god” and accept the “divine within” and love everyone and not judge. Wow that is easy no guilt. No one judges, there is no one truth, no sin, we are finally free….

If you notice none of these persons humble themselves to seek truth. They are angry and hateful and mad at God. They seek to live the way they want to live and be justified doing it. Instead of there life experience leading them to become humble and seek the Lord, that are angry and want to find a different path. So they do, Lucifer steps in as their “Savior” and shows them “the way” the way of Enlightenment, the Awakening therefore leading to complete “Transformation” in to followers of Lucifer.

Pride is the gateway to Lucifer’s kingdom. Humility is the gateway to the true Savior Jesus Christ.


There is a great free online book on this subject and many more regarding the “New Spirituality”

go to .

The book is written by Warren Smith a Christian author. Constance Cumbey has had him on her show before. He has done great research on the New Age Occult. In his online book he has added updates to the book which is a really nice plus.

The Book Hidden of the Dangers by Constance Cumbey is also an excellent book on these topics. Constance had a blog site and does radio shows Tuesdays and Thursday and a rebroadcast on Saturday.On

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