Sunday, January 25, 2009

Big Brother is Watching Us and Trying to Force Oneness In Everything.

I was thinking about these different yet similar topics:

Google and how they are giving our search data to the government under the guise of helping the CDC.

Google is heading to make PCs a thing of the past by giving us storage on their “cloud” like we now do with photos, email..etc..We would just use an easy portal device that would give us access to all of our data held on their servers, causing us to have no privacy.

Google searches every email you send out for key words to use in marketing on the banner ads on you email account site…Your email is being read.

Kindle from Amazon, a great little tool to download books cheaper, quicker and it is handy…. But with Kindle what you read is stored with “them” including all information like: what books you bought, what you highlight in the book and even what page you are on. Very personal information we are willing to just let them have.

Obama wants Medical records centrally computerized.

Sharing of Wealth…..including with the World.

The list goes on and on.

I have noticed a lot of new age followers saying on book reviews…”this should be mandatory reading”. Truth is stranger than fiction you can’t even make up! A tool like Kindle could be used to make sure we read the official documents to teach us “their ways” Libraries are becoming unnecessary. Books at home will be unnecessary. Controlled data will take the place of free access to information. By using our desire to make life easier they guide us to ways in which they can control us easier.

All these things take away our liberty and freedom and individuality. Turning us in to little new age drones.

On Constance's blog site by accident I said a pun. I was talking about the interconnectedness of the new world servers…..referring to Theosophy’s definition. Someone witty person their asked if it was a joke about computers. It did have a great double meaning. The interconnectedness of the world servers…. either kind has the enemy working through to bring forth his agenda.

Everything will be “One” including all of our computers, personal information, governments, etc. They will make us “One”. All their propaganda declaring our “Oneness” and telling us separation is the only sin…really fits All areas of their Agenda, not just in a spiritual concept. Have you noticed the word “family” being used? It is getting common now to use that in reference to the followers of the new age. They are after a spiritual, political, human, world, technological, environmental oneness. Most people are embracing it as good “change”.

What is fascinating about the new age is they scream freedom only to immediately conform. It is just like the hippies that were non-conformists…but did they not listen to the same music, say the same ideas and dress and act the same…The difference is they won’t conform to morals or rules by a God, but they happily conform there lives in every other way and if you don’t you are evil. So much for freedom and individuality. It dies with them. Yet that is there platform….. the father of all lies…appears as an Angel of Light only to ensnare the willing and bind them by his chains.


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Anonymous said...

There is every indication that we are in the last days, when everything is coming together; One world government, One world religion. We're seeing the "falling away" the Word of God speaks of. Now all that needs to take place, is the 3rd building of the temple and the man of sin; the anti-christ be revealed as in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. These are perilous days to be living; and days to hide in the rock Christ Jesus.

Thanks for sharing Rose.