Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Dangers of Infighting Amongst the Believers of God

To be Watchmen on the Tower we must be watching for the enemy. If we get pulled inside to deal with in-the-tower-issues we have left our post and failed our mission to keep a lookout for the enemy. We then miss the enemy sneaking in.

I fear this is what has happened to our country. So many different faiths fought amongst themselves for so long that we lost site our common enemy. Much of our energies were focused arguing with each other instead of watching the movements of our mutual enemy. So we then contributed to our own demise. That is exactly what the adversary planned. He wants to sow discord, confusion and disillusionment among the Faithful of God, so he could sneak right in right under our noses and make us look judgmental, unloving, petty and really stupid in the process. Then he presents a beautiful, loving and accepting spirituality that is all shiny and new compared to the of old beaten-up faiths. In this way he wins many gullible souls to his side.

I feel that all those that believe in the God of Abraham and are on the hit list of the New Age Occult need to focus on our common enemy and band together and put aside the in-the-tower issues and fight against the real enemy. Instead of gnawing on ourselves, together we need to take a nice big juicy bite out of him. As we get closer there will only be two sides, those that follow Lucifer and those that believe in a God separate from themselves. All the details will become clearer. Our differences will fade away and we will band together against our common enemy. At least I pray that is what we do.

We need to stand together and fight the big battles and try to avoid small ones. Sadly so many of the bones we chase were tossed by the adversary in the first place just to make us run the wrong way, barking after them and making fools out of ourselves in the eyes of those he is winning over, as he points at us laughing.

It is so hard to know what is a smoke screen and where the fire really is….this is the difficult position we all are in. What do we chase, how do we know we are on the right track or not? I tend to look at the big picture, the major patterns. Within those we can get to the truth. The juicy little side bones are fun, and we can find good data there. There is danger in there too; we have to be careful not to run after them too much or we will lose our credibility. In no way do I mean not to investigate things, just be slow to come to judgments based on small amounts of information. Pick your battles carefully because the Enemy does…..

He has them laughing at us when we seem to say there is a conspiracy under every rock. The truth is that the conspiracy is the mountain they are all standing on and the rocks are just pieces coming from that mountain.

Let’s be respectful of each other and our different perspectives. Together we can gather and share data, expose our common enemy and fight against the big issues as one united army. If we do anything else we are falling for his bait, therefore into his hands.



Anonymous said...

That's good Rose. Jesus wants us to love one another. This is what Romans 2:8 But unto them that are contentious, (always ready to argue) and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath,

We do need to try to be peacemakers.

Anonymous said...

That was so true, and while through all of the bickering, They have infiltrated so many of the churches, this is just a year and a half after you wrote this.