Saturday, January 17, 2009

A New Age Connection to Euthanasia

George J Felos Right-to–Die Attorney for Michael Schiavo's in the Terry Schiavo case. Micheal waged a seven-year successful battle to have his wife, Terri Schiavo disconnected from life support therefore ending her life. Terry Schiavo’s family begged to have her placed in there custody and unfortunately lost the case to Michael Schiavo and his Attorney. Terry died by court order.

It is called Right-to-die but I would say he was more forced-to-die.

Back during the time of Terry Schiavo’s case I did some research to see who the attorney was representing Michael Schiavo. As I researched him then and also later. I discover that he is a New Age Occultist. Which well known New Age leaders admire and give editorial reviews boasting of how wonderful he and his ideas are. He is a New Age Occultist that is influencing and changing the laws of the nation to the New Age Occult Agenda.

This is a direct quote from to purchase George J Felos book. Please read the reviews and notice the names and terms used of all of his editorial reviews especially notice what Neale Donald Walsh has to say about George J Felos.
Litigation As Spiritual Practice
by George J. Felos (Author)

Editorial Reviews

"... George Felos offers a fascinating doorway into the inner and outer struggle of the Self." -- Sudhir Jonathan Foust, President Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

"Here is a masterful blend of spiritual awareness and legal expertise ..." -- Alan Cohen, Author of Wisdom of the Heart

"This book could be called 'God in the Courtroom.'" -- Neale Donald Walsch, Author of Conversations with God

About the Author
Attorney George J. Felos is a nationally recognized expert in right-to-die cases. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs including CBS's Early Show, CNN's Burden of Proof, Daybreak and Greenfield at Large, Court TV's Pros and Cons, Inside Edition, The Kathy Fountain Show, and NPR's All Things Considered.
Felos graduated from Boston University School of Law, was a founding member of the National Legal Advisors Committee on Choice in Dying, and served as Board Chair of the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, the largest non-profit Hospice in the world. A classical pianist, yoga teacher, fisherman, and guest minister to various churches, Felos resides in Dunedin, Florida.

This another site his book can be purchase from and again look at the terms used and what Neale Donald Walsh has to say from link:


"Here is a masterful blend of spiritual awareness and legal expertise. I am deeply impressed by George J. Felos' dedication to serving and bringing healing and well-being through the legal profession. I wish every lawyer would read this inspiring book, as well as those seeking to empower themselves in their personal lives. This is a breakthrough!" Alan Cohen, author of Wisdom of the Heart

"This book could be called 'God in the Courtroom.' It is a wonderful and amazing step on the path that our legal system must take if it is to truly heal and resolve the differences that arise between us. This book is a miracle. I am going to call George Felos God's Lawyer from now on." Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God

"Yoga philosophy draws heavily on the analogy of life as a battlefield between the ego and who we are beyond the ego. Telling the story of his real-life battles in the courtroom and reflecting on his inner journey into the practice of the perennial philosophies of yoga and meditation, George Felos offers a fascinating doorway into the inner and outer struggle of the Self." Sudhir Jonathan Foust, President, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

"At the heart of every conflict, no matter how severe, is a place of peace and stillness which, when accessed, provides true power and genuine healing. In this clearly written and heartfelt book, George J. Felos shows that when this stillness is intentionally accessed in the harsh practice of litigation, miracles happen. Books about spirituality are countless, but this one - fusing the spiritual with the rationality of a skilled attorney's mind - is extraordinary." Colin C. Tipping, author of Radical Forgiveness

"Simply a unique, brilliant accomplishment. Felos has woven into a most gripping, fascinating personal account, that had me as spellbound as the best novel, a splendid summary of the best of contemporary spiritual understanding and practice, while giving a fascinating insight into contemporary legal practice. I can't recommend it highly enough." Joseph Chilton Pearce, Author of Crack in the Cosmic Egg and Magical Child

As you can see he and his book come highly recommended by the Occultists. They are all connected and support each other on their mutual goals. They are starting to reveal themselves more and more.

Neale Donald Walsh refers to Felos as "God's Attorney"? The New Age Occult has a very different definition of God than Traditional Christianity.

They are very openly showing how connected they are and togehter hey are influencing and changing the every aspect of our society away from the one true God.

This is an interesting website I found regarding details in the case that are not well known. I can not say the information is accurate for I have not research this that deeply but I can say it is interesting and shocking.

Be a Watchman on the tower and when you see these things sound the alarm.



What's in a name? said...

Really good blog. Thank you!

Forgive me if you know this already - or maybe the mistake is intentional - but the title, 'Who's sheep are you?' is unfortunately grammatically incorrect. In full, it would read, 'Who Is Sheep Are You?' which I'm sure is not what you mean.
It ought to read, 'Whose Sheep Are You?'

I feel awkward mentioning this as I hate to embarrass, but it was the first thing which caught my attention as I landed on your site, and I thought that it might put some people off from reading your excellent research.
I hope you don't mind me mentioning it.

Have recently got to meet up with a group of New Age/Buddhist people who are themselves very concerned about the New World Order. There are a great many of them out there.
I was astonished in the course of our first conversation, that they are completely unaware of the huge contradiction they are making, in themselves following Lucifer, and yet being so completely anti the New World Order Plan in practice. But then, there are some, like David Icke, who are public figures too. I live in Germany. None of these people read English and so are unaware of the Lucis Trust and its agenda etc.
Bless you,

Rose said...

Thank you Frances for catching my mistake! That was very kind of you to let me know. Do not feel bad at all about you pointing that out. Thank you so much. The mistake came from the first title I was going to use "Who's your Shepard" but I then chose Whose sheep are you? Not noticing I left the Who's...So thank you, thank you.

The New Age/Buddhists sound fascinating. I feel so bad for those being misguided by false information or lack of access to the data. It is wonderful that God brought you to them.

Thank you again for your assistance. What is funny is I have had quite a few people look at the blog that would have pointed it out to me without hesitation. But they did not catch the mistake either so thank you thank you! You are very kind and thoughtful!



What's in a name? said...

Not at all, bless you! I just have this love for English and grammar ;( and doing my own writing and having to check my own stuff rigorously, I just have this habit of noticing things. It isn't easy though, I find, when typing. More mistakes creep in then than when writing by hand. At least, it's the case with me. Thank you for being so gracious.

It is rather remarkable, how the Lord put it together - this meeting with these people. One of the girls even gave me the German translation of The Great Invocation last week. I read it and thought, 'I'm sure I know what this is.' I looked it up in the original and sure enough, it was. The girl had looked at me and said, 'Isn't it lovely?'
I answered, 'It sounds lovely', but I don't think she realised what I meant. Creepy stuff. I am praying that they see the Lord in me and see the difference.

What's in a name? said...

Not at all, bless you! I just love English, and being a writer myself, happen to notice these things. Thank you for being so gracious.
It is remarkable how the Lord put it together with my being able to meet these people. One of the girls there last week handed me a handwritten copy of The Great Invocation, translated into German. She said, 'Isn't it lovely.'
I read it through, and thought, 'I know what this is...' and said, 'It sounds lovely' although I don't think she understood what I meant. She was sitting at the other end of the table so I couldn't talk any more about it with her and if I had tried to show her that it was evil she wouldn't have understood what I was on about. It'll take some time with her, I think... I looked it up in the original later, and sure enough, it was The Great Invocation. Creepy stuff.

Well done for digging all these things out. You're doing the Body of Christ a real service. Brilliant.