Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Experience with Persons Claiming to be Christian regarding Terry Schiavo

It is very sad to see how low the people of our country have descended into wickedness. I had a shocking revelation one day at work. I was out to lunch with co-workers including my boss and the owner of the company. We were discussing the Terry Schiavo case. All persons at the table claimed to be Christian. They were all on the side of Michael Schiavo. I was the lone advocate for her family.

They attempted to use the analogy to me that she had no to right to live because if you put her in the middle of a desert she would not be able to get to food and water by herself; therefore she should not be alive and being feed via feeding tubes. I was stunned by this comment and said "If you put a baby or someone that needed a wheel chair in the middle of a desert are you saying they should die also?

They had no answer other then that was different. But the truth is it is the same. Denying someone food and water is murder. They are not dieing of natural causes. They are dying at the hands of those that should protect and assist them.

Latter in the conversation the owner of the company turned to me as I was taking a bite of food, he leaned over the table and pointed his finger at me and said “Rose if you choke on that bite of food I will do nothing to help you. I will call 911 but they won’t get her in time. YOU WILL DIE! You know why because they have changed the Good Samaritan laws and you or your family could sue me and I would lose my whole business”. I was so shocked I could not respond. I could not believe my ears. I think he was trying to intimidate me because of the points I had made earlier…But no matter it was one of the most shocking things I ever heard.

I thought about it a later and wished I had said what came to my mind at the time, but did not say it because it would have been a slap in the face to the owner of the company. What I wanted to say was “If you choke on the next bite of food that you take, I will do everything in my power to save your life even if I have the foreknowledge that I would loose everything because of it. Even knowing that you would not do it for me I would for you. I meant that. I would do that. I could not live with myself if I did not. I wish I had the confidence to say what came to my mind in that instant.

That is what I did for my mother everything, I could possibly do to the point of physical, financial and emotional ruin. Because that is what you do if you love some as you love yourself as Christ has taught us.

These we very bad examples of Christians, I feel that it was a blessing that it was said to me and not to someone that did not have a solid relationship with Christ already, because it could have scared them away from Christ. I am afraid we will keep seeing more and more self-centeredness with in the Christian world as some start embracing the philosophies of the new age.


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